Yumi Ando

HRD Manager

Yumi Ando

Providing the best experience both
the guests and the staff.
I plant the seed to make this a reality.

I was originally just saving money to study abroad, but it turned out to be more fun than I thought.

After graduating from college, I was originally planning on studying abroad. I was looking for a part time job to save money, and the first place I found was T.Y.HARBOR. I saw the pictures and fell in love! I knew right away I wanted to work there. Every day working was so fun, even on my days off I went to the restaurant as a guest, and so I was probably there every day.

I worked in the hall at first, but I literally knew nothing in the beginning. The staff around me taught me things one by one. It may have been because I was young, but every single day was fun and inspiring. Going out for a drink after a work, and hanging out together on our days off. This friendly environment is still the same. Our president's frank lifestyle and his belief to lose the gap between statuses has probably been passed down generation by generation.

After that, I became full time, but left the company after I got married and had to leave Tokyo. But I ended up coming back in less than a year. I spoke with our president who told me to "Come back." I began working in TYSONS' 2nd restaurant in Hiroo, CICADA.

Anyone enjoys working where they can grow. I made a presentation to create an HR education position.

After I became manager at beacon, (now CRISTA) I realized how important it was to educate people. Motivation not only comes from money, but from working with pride and the feeling that you're learning and growing. This was the case for me, and I feel this watching my staff working with a smile. That's when it hit me that I wanted to educate everyone in the company, not just the staff in my restaurant.

I first made a presentation to our president and then discussed the idea with others. I collected votes one at a time. After about 1 year, the company made my current education position.

I created the program for different courses by teaching myself. I read books and tried out new methods in the restaurants. If it worked out well, it stayed. It was all trial and error. I was happy to watch the staff grow and I even felt myself growing too. I now have a program of about 30 courses, and different people come in every day to participate in my seminars.

The contents of the courses vary from corporate philosophy called TYSONS WAY, to courses about communication and careers. After taking a course, I see people create a goal for themselves like aiming for management, which I feel is a visible result.

By entertaining our guests, our staff becomes happy.

Seminars and courses may remind you of school, but my program is a classroom about life. Rather than teaching skills, I teach things about life and how to work as a person. I plant the seed, and then water is applied from the staff around them which helps them bloom into a flower. The core idea is to do the things that make you happy, to others. The ideas and lifestyles of each and every staff leads to that special experience for the guest, and the best thing will be for them to come back. "Customer satisfaction" may seem more difficult in writing, but to decrease that means that what you thought was naturally done wasn't done.

Social contributions are the main activities of a company. If the staff can entertain the guests, the guests will have a relaxing time. If the staff embodies that feeling, the job will be more fun and I would love for them to feel like they are making good use of their time in this job. I may be dramatic, but TYSONS & COMPANY is a place where dreams can come true. As long as you're prepared and have the will to succeed, you will be able to have the best experience you can.


Yumi Ando
After graduating from college, started working as part-time hall staff at T.Y.HARBOR. Although leaving the company once after becoming full time, she returned to work full time at CICADA. She reached her current position after working as manager at beacon (currently CRISTA), where she created a new education program for all staff and also talks to staff as a counselor figure.

Employment Information

Between ¥250,000 and ¥450,000 per month or more
*Experience taken into consideration
(an hourly salary of between ¥1,100 and ¥1,300 during one to five months of training)
Please choose preference from all TYSONS & COMPANY restaurants, cafes, bakeries and other services.
Paid Days Off:
9 days a month (Shift system)
Full coverage for transportation expenses, one raise per year, two bonuses per year (equivalent to twice the basic month salary), dining allowance, employee discounts, full coverage on social insurance, overseas training program in place (partial coverage of expenses)
*No employment visa sponsorship
hourly salary starting form 1050 yen
Partial coverage for transportation expenses, uniform provided, meals provided, employee discount
*No employment visa sponsorship