Masato Ishizuki Misaki Ishizuki

IVY PLACE Head Chef / T.Y.HARBOR Hall Staff

石月 Masato・石月 Misaki

We're each in charge of "Delicious" & "Fun" We don't just make 50 dishes, but experiences for 50 people.

We met at CICADA in Hiroo, grew our relationship in Omotesando, and tied the knot in IVY PLACE.

Masato:My first encounter with TYSONS & COMPANY (below TYSONS) is CICADA in Hiroo. I fell in love with the lively atmosphere and the Mediterranean food, so I asked to be introduced to the chef that day, and went in for an interview for a kitchen position the next day.

Misaki: I originally worked for a fashion apparel company, but I had always wanted to work in the food industry so I first walked into beacon (currently CRISTA). I was overwhelmed by the luxurious atmosphere and the waiter's hospitality, and by the recommendation of the manager, I went in for an interview for a hall position at CICADA.

Masato:We joined CICADA within one month of each other, and after that we became full-time at nearly the same time too. We would go out drinking with other staff, and we naturally started dating. It was right when CICADA relocated to Omotesando.

Misaki:I was promoted when I was working in Omotesando, and then I transferred over to IVY PLACE. He had actually just transferred to IVY PLACE just 2 months earlier too. It was a coincidence, but it was like I was following him!

Masato:Before I went to IVY PLACE, I was a little worried about my future. I had an offer from somewhere else, but the head chef at IVY PLACE said, "Let's work here together," which made me come to a decision. I got a promotion just 3 months later and my next challenge became evident. The following year in October 2015, I became assistant chef, and then in 2017, I was promoted to head chef. So to me, IVY PLACE is a memorable workplace. I am very grateful to the head chef who had taught me so much in both strict and nice ways.

Misaki:He proposed to me when we were working at IVY PLACE together. It was about a year after I transferred from CICADA.

Creating an experience guests will enjoy with the "delicious" from the kitchen and the "fun" from the hall.

Misaki:After I got married and became pregnant, I had a hard time riding crowded trains. I had the manager change my work shift and shorten the hours. Standing all day was hard, so I was mainly in charge of guest relations and answering the phone. Even after I was back from maternity leave, the company adjusted my work schedule to 6 hours to accommodate for the time my child is at nursery school. By becoming a parent myself, I began understanding the feelings of our guests with children more. Sometimes it's difficult to say something to the staff, so I try to call out to them if they need anything. The kitchen is in charge of the "delicious" factor, but we are in charge of the "fun" factor. Our goal is to provide an experience that will make the guests say "I had fun."

Masato: In order to make good food, the person making it needs to put their feelings into it. For example, even if it's busy and you need to make 50 of the same dishes, it's important to keep it from being just a process. "These dishes are delivered to 50 people." I make sure every person has this mentality to deliver a great guest experience. At times there are over 100 full-time and part-time staff, so effort must be made to improve communication between them. If something needs to be improved, and you voice your opinion, you need to act first. I believe I was able to step up in my career by accomplishing these things one at a time.

For couples, and for staff. The normal relationship lights the way during a crisis.

Masato:If you communicate with each other on a normal basis, when the time comes, you can understand what the other person needs just by making eye contact. If you see someone who is always working for the guest having trouble, you will want to help out in any way possible. As long as everyone shares the same mind, miracles can happen during an emergency. About one year ago we had a sudden blackout in the restaurant. The air conditioning and the lights all went out. It was hot and we couldn't see anything. In the kitchen, we could use gas, but without ventilation we couldn't cook. The manager and chef both happened to be away at the time, but here we showed our true ability. The hall and kitchen cooperated, and the kitchen used their brains to think of things they could make for the guests, and the hall explained the situation to them. Everyone panicked in the beginning, but they did their best and later both the manager and chef complimented everyone.

Misaki:Even during regular business hours, we have a work environment that allows for good communication between kitchen and hall even when we make mistakes. Completely different from the typical image of a hard-headed chef. To me, TYSONS is a brilliant company. I hope to set a example for those women in our company who want to work and raise children at the same time.

Masato: The staff at TYSONS are a "merry bunch." I like to think positively as much as possible, and so I hope to continue having fun and working with these happy people.


Masato Ishizuki
Joined TYSONS as a part-time kitchen staff at CICADA and became full-time 6 months later. After that he worked at CICADA in Omotesando and moved on to IVY PLACE in Daikanyama. He married Misaki, and became a father to a daughter. At IVY PLACE, he moved up from chief to assistant chef to head chef in 2017.

Misaki Ishizuki
Joined TYSONS as a part-time hall staff at CICADA and became full-time 6 months later. After that she became chief at CICADA in Omotesando and IVY PLACE in Daikanyama. After marrying Masato, she gave birth to a daughter. Coming back from maternity leave, she currently works at T.Y.HARBOR with an accommodated work shift.

Employment Information

Between ¥250,000 and ¥450,000 per month or more
*Experience taken into consideration
(an hourly salary of between ¥1,100 and ¥1,300 during one to five months of training)
Please choose preference from all TYSONS & COMPANY or Rising restaurants, cafes, bakeries and other services.
Paid Days Off:
9 days a month (Shift system)
Full coverage for transportation expenses, one raise per year, two bonuses per year (equivalent to twice the basic month salary), dining allowance, employee discounts, full coverage on social insurance, overseas training program in place (partial coverage of expenses)
*No employment visa sponsorship
hourly salary starting form 1050 yen
Partial coverage for transportation expenses, uniform provided, meals provided, employee discount
*No employment visa sponsorship