Akemi Toda

Customer relations Manager

Akemi Toda

Delivering a TYSONS & COMPANY experience to all our guests & staff.

The guest experience starts long before their first call for reservations.

The reason I joined TYSONS & COMPANY (below TYSONS) was because I had a former colleague working there invite me over. I thought it was the perfect timing to challenge myself to something new, so I decided to join as a part of guest relations (below GR). GR is in essence the face of the restaurant, and has the responsibility of leading the guest towards the restaurant experience. I believe that experience starts long before the guest actually walks in. How to raise their expectations just from that first phone call to make a reservation. How to greet them when they come to the entrance. The first impression is extremely important for the guest experience.

I always think about how to raise a guest's expectations, especially on the phone where we can't see each other's faces. Not only are the words we use important, but tone of voice and speed is crucial. Your voice shows whether you have a smile. Even if you can't actually see the other face, emotions transfer through the phone. Providing good food and service at the restaurant is a given but the time guests spend feeling excited for the day is also a part of their experience. This is an important part of the TYSONS experience GR can provide because they are the first ones to interact with the guest.

The same TYSONS experience at any restaurant.
One team, same heart.

When people work, they tend to take the easy way out. But what I believe is important is thinking about what we can do to make the guest experience better. It is important to change your perspective and see things from the guest point of view instead of the service point of view. The concepts at each restaurant in TYSONS are different, but the business mind is the same. In order for the entire staff to maintain this mindset, I appointed one GR leader at each restaurant to create a system where the staff can become a TYSONS team.

How to best entertain guests who've come for the first time, and guests who are regulars. I am constantly thinking about what kind of words I can give to the guest to make their experience better. To the guest, speaking to someone they know has to be something they look forward to. When those regulars come, it is GR's job to give the hall staff that information. I try to go to all the restaurants every day and talk to our guests and introduce them to different staff as much as possible.

Recover from mistakes by teamwork. Connect the staff with each other.

No matter how careful you are, mistakes are inevitable. For example, for GR, double booking. Of course, when you first realize you made a mistake, you will probably panic, but what is most important is how you recover from it. How to find a seat without making the guest feel anxious is the utmost priority. You make that happen with the help of everyone working there. Not putting the responsibility of the incident on one person, and fighting through as a team is the TYSONS way.

On the other hand, when the guest makes a criticism, it is important to apologize first. There may be a variety of causes, but it doesn't change the fact that the guest made that criticism. It is the manager's job to think about the best method to deal with the situation. If you make a mistake, don't try to solve the problem by yourself, but talk to the manager and share the information with your fellow staff. Everything is sure to go well if you try working while thinking about the other person. GR not only connects guests to the staff, but the staff to each other as well.


Akemi Toda
Joined TYSONS in 2005, after working as a concierge at a number of hotels and restaurants within and outside of Japan. Worked in guest relations, connecting the guest to the restaurant experience, and then moved on to create a team by appointing GR leaders at each restaurant. Currently works as a customer relations manager who connects all TYSONS restaurants and services.

Employment Information

Between ¥250,000 and ¥450,000 per month or more
*Experience taken into consideration
(an hourly salary of between ¥1,100 and ¥1,300 during one to five months of training)
Please choose preference from all TYSONS & COMPANY restaurants, cafes, bakeries and other services.
Paid Days Off:
9 days a month (Shift system)
Full coverage for transportation expenses, one raise per year, two bonuses per year (equivalent to twice the basic month salary), dining allowance, employee discounts, full coverage on social insurance, overseas training program in place (partial coverage of expenses)
*No employment visa sponsorship
hourly salary starting form 1050 yen
Partial coverage for transportation expenses, uniform provided, meals provided, employee discount
*No employment visa sponsorship