DRINK and LEARN about our beer! November’s T.Y.HARBOR BREWERY TOUR

A beer tour hosted by our brewery staff.
For those who love craft beer, want to learn more about it, are interested in how craft beer is made, or for any othe reason, anyone can join!
After the T.Y. HARBOR BREWERY TOUR led by our master brewer, we will provide samples of all 6 types of beer at our craft beer bar, and talk to you about beer while you taste them.

■Date:Monday, November 30, 2015 4pm~5pm
■Location:T.Y.HARBOR BREWERY@Tennoz Isle
■Capacity: 12 people
■Fee: with no gift 2,900 yen / with Tour Special seasonal beer gift 3,300 yen / with Tour Special seasonal beer gift & beer glass with logo 4,100 yen
■ Click here for more information and sign-up details>>>