2016 Lunchtime only BBQ & BURGER FESTIVAL!

Our annual lunchtime Burger Festival is here again! This year it will take place at both T.Y. HARBOR in Tennoz and SMOKEHOUSE in Jingu-mae. We have also upgraded the name to BBQ & BURGER FEST!
At T.Y. HARBOR, the festival will take place during lunchtime on weekends and holidays only, and there will be 3 new burgers added to the menu, along with a kid’s burger.
At SMOKEHOUSE, it will take place EVERYDAY during lunchtime. The menu will include our special BBQ and select burger items, from a total of 13 varieties, changing every day!
You will also get a craft beer ticket when you order from the BBQ & BURGER menu. This year, besides craft beer you have a choice of a craft beer cocktail at T.Y. HARBOR and a craft bourbon soda at SMOKEHOUSE.
Come on and hang out with us at our fun and reasonable lunchtime BBQ & BURGER FEST!
T.Y.HARBOR Weekend Lunch, SMOKEHOUSE Everyday Lunch Menu Click here>>>