For Summer Only! Workshop for Iced Coffee

Available during summertime only, we will start a workshop where you can learn how to make delicious iced coffee!

A good cup of coffee is also great iced, and especially for single origin coffee, there is a big difference between hot and cold flavors, and there are great flavors you can only experience iced.
In this workshop, you will experience the fresh taste of the coffee bean by making iced coffee and you will also understand the deliciousness and natural flavors of single origin coffee.

On a hot summer day at home, pour some coffee into a glass filled with ice.
Don’t you want to create a fun cooling environment just by imagining it?

■Soothing and Refreshing Iced Coffee Making Workshop

・Fri, 6/12 7pm Entry Form, details>>>

・Mon, 6/15 7pm Entry Form, details>>>

・Tues, 6/23 11am Entry Form, details>>>

※Out of a total of 7 June workshops, 3 will be iced coffee versions.