Annual BURGER FEST in January & February!

Our annual BURGER FEST is here! This year, T.Y.HARBOR, SMOKEHOUSE and crisscross will be participating from Saturday, January 7 to Tuesday, February 28, 2017!

T.Y.HARBOR will offer their usual classic American line-up during weekend lunch time, and this year’s special includes 2 new burgers using unique ingredients such as kimchi, as well as SMOKEHOUSE’s No. 1 burger of 2016.
SMOKEHOUSE’s BURGER FEST menu with voluminous, southern-style burgers will be available during lunch time only, and the main star here will be the MONSTER BURGER! Come check out this 40 cm, 4-layer mega-size burger!
BURGER FEST first-timer crisscross will offer all-day burgers using unique buns and ingredients like squid ink buns sandwiching mushrooms and zucchini, pumpkin buns for the vegetable burger, and an Asian burger with a an oriental chicken patty.

During the BURGER FEST, receive one free beer ticket for every burger order! Use the ticket on your next visit for a glass of T.Y.HARBOR BREWERY’s crafft beer, beer cocktail or soft drinks.

Click here for more details ⇒ Burger Fest 2017