BURGER FEST! crisscross

BURGER FEST first-timer crisscross has a special burger line-up using unique buns made just for this event by their neighbor bakery breadworks!
Enjoy a different burger changing every week, from burgers with zucchini and mushrooms with black squid buns, vegetable burgers and an oriental tasting Asian burger with a chicken patty accented with coriander.
The free beer ticket that comes with every burger order can be exchanged with a drink of your choice on your next visit.


〔EVERYDAY〕 crisscross burger
〔1/7~1/15〕 Mushroom blue cheese burger
〔1/16~1/22〕 Nordic burger
〔1/23~1/29〕 Asian chicken burger
〔1/30~2/5〕 New England fish cake burger
〔2/6~2/12〕 Portabella mushroom burger
〔2/13~2/19〕 Roasted salmon and bacon burger
〔2/20~2/28〕 Vegan burger

crisscross, TYSONS