Special Menu with Kamiyama Sudachi Citrus

From Sep.1 ~ Sep.30, No. 4 will have a variety of new menu items using the sudachi citrus from Kamiyama-cho, Tokushima, Japan’s top sudachi production area. Enjoy the different dishes using this citrus that has a unique aroma and refreshing flavor.

◆Sudachi Ceviche(Dinner only)
Fresh seafood and vegetables marinated in a sudachi dressing. The Japanese ginger accents the dish into a fresh Japanese Mexican item.

◆Sudachi, Shiokoji Chicken and Mitsuba Pizza(Lunch time 9/4~9/10 & Dinner time)
A voluminous pizza topped with grilled chicken and cheese and baked fresh in the oven. The last toppings of mitsuba and sudachi leaves a refreshing taste.

◆Sudachi Rare Cheesecake
A rare cheesecake with sudachi and Hokkaido cream cheese. Enjoy the smooth texture and refreshing citrus aroma.

◆Sudachi Rhubarb Soda
An addition to our popular soda drinks! The fresh sudachi citrus is the perfect match to the sweet rhubarb.