breadworks:Christmas Stollen

breadworks’ Christmas stollen is now available! Enjoy a slice at a time all the way until Christmas. This year we offer 3 types includign original, chocolat, and marron & caramel.

◆original Stollen¥1,900
breadworks’ original take on the classic holiday stollen is made with an almond paste including chopped pistachio bits and liquor-infused fruits such as raisins, figs, lemon, oranges and cranberries. The roasted almonds gives this an extra crunch. The dried fruits and nuts blend well within the stollen, giving it a richer flavor as time passes by.

◆Chocolate Stollen ¥2,500
The chocolate stollen is a breadworks speciality, mixed with plenty of butter and milk along with Belgian chocolate, orange peels and dried sour cherries to add accent. The marzipan with bitter chocolate and kirsch creates a tastes adults are sure to enjoy.

◆Marron and caramel stollen¥2,500 
This unique stollen uses French marron paste and homemade caramel, topped with a French marron glace. Enjoy the light aroma of the rum and the flavors of the different ingredients.

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