T.Y.HARBOR Burger Fest 2018

The burger theme for T.Y.HARBOR this year is U.S.A and Japan! The American burgers include classics such as the “New York Burger” and “L.A. Burger,” and the Japanese burgers include the “Tennoz Burger” made with our craft beer, and the “Naha Burger” with goya and stewed pork. The beer ticket that comes with every burger order can be exchanged for 1 T.Y.HARBOR BREWERY craft beer, original beer cocktail or soft drink on your next visit!

・New York Burger
(American cheese, mushrooms, tomato, grilled onions, original sauce)
・L.A. Burger
(Jack cheese, avocado, tomato, original sauce)
・Austin Burger *January Only
(Black bean and beef chili, cheddar cheese, coriander)
・Santa Fe Burger *February Only
(Pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, tomato, guacamole, original sauce)

・TENNOZ Burger
(Pale ale cheese, bacon, crispy onion rings)
・Kyoto Burger
(Kyoto miso marinated mozzarella cheese, Kyo-negi, miso sauce)
・Naha Burger *January Only
(Rafute simmered pork, Jack cheese, thin sliced goya, onions, hot mayonnaise)
・Niigata Burger *February Only *170g ¥2,300
(Waton fried pork cutlet, shredded cabbage, black peppercorn sauce, hot mayonnaise)

・170g ¥2,100 / 250g ¥2,400

※Only available on weekends during lunch time.