crisscross Burger Fest 2018

This year’s burger line-up changes weekly, getting inspiration from different countries that will make you want to travel! breadworks has created unique buns for each burger, just for this event. The line-up includes Asian tastes such as the “Ji Pai Fried Chicken Burger” with fluffy white buns and Asian spices, teh South African “Bobotee Burger” with cornmeal buns, and the Mediterranean, exotic “Fried Fish & Tzatziki Burger!”
Receive a beer ticket with any burger order and exchange with any drink on your next visit.

crisscross Burger (Brioche buns, beef patty, herb dijon sauce)

<Weekly(¥1,500 each)>
・Taiwan 1/6(Sat)~14日(Sun)
Ji Pai Fried Chicken Burger (White buns, fried chicken, Asian pickle aioli)
・Turkey 1/15(Mon)~1/21(Sun)
Fried Fish & Tzatziki Burger (Spiced buns, fried fish, tzatziki sauce)
・Italy 1/22(Mon)~1/28(Sun)
Salsiccia Burger (Polenta buns, salsiccia, mozzarella cheese)
・South Africa 1/29(Mon)~2/4(Sun)
Cape Malay Bobotee Burger (Cornmeal buns, meatloaf, apple slices)
・Brazil 2/5(Mon)~2/11(Sun)
Picanha Steak Burger (Soft French buns, sautéed beef, vinagrete sauce)
・Canada 2/12(Mon)~2/18(Sun)
Maple Salmon Burger (Brioche buns, salmon, mustard maple sauce)
・Japan 2/19(Mon)~2/28(Wed)
Teriyaki Chicken Burger (Rice buns, chicken patty, Hida sansho pepper teriyaki sauce)

※Available during lunch and dinner time

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