No.4 Burrito Fair

Green, white red! These Mexican flag colors were inspiration for No.4’s monthly line-up of handcraft, healthy burritos. Check out the unique ingredients and combinations that is sure to surprise you! Also available for take-out.


◆Red Burrito(Standard)
Roast beef and red spicy mayonnaise
Tomato, red cabbage, paprika, chorizo, red kidney beans, taco spice

◆White Burrito(Original)
Shiokoji chicken & miso mayonnaise
Chinese cabbage, white maitake mushrooms, white cloud ear mushrooms, white celery, glass noodles, white cheddar

◆Green Burrito(Vegan)
Green curry
Kale, broccoli, spinach, avocado, green beans, cucumber, coriander


◆Red Burrito(Standard)
BBQ pulled pork & chipotle mayonnaise
Tomato, chili beans, red cabbage, paprika, carrots

◆White Burrito(Original)
Grilled swordfish and lemon sour cream mayonnaise
Grain salad, celery, white kidney beans, white scrambled eggs, feta cheese

◆Green Burrito(Vegan)
Edamame hummus & avocado & wasabi mayonnaise
Romaine lettuce, cabbage, boiled edamame, okura