T.Y. EXPRESS: Notice for Company Name Change 社名変更のお知らせ



弊社は1998年にこれまでの社名でもあり店名にもなった名前のイニシャル「TY」は、滋賀より東京に出てきた曽祖父(Terada Yasutaro)から父(Terada Yasunobu)まで代々引き継がれてきました。新しい社名にはティー・ワイ・ハーバーがある倉庫を建てた祖父(Terada Yasunosuke)やレストラン創業者である父への感謝(TYSONS=私も含めたTYの息子たち)と、会社を一緒に作ってきた仲間たちへの思い(COMPANY=英語で「仲間」の意)が込められています。この業界にとって一番大切な要素である「人」に焦点を当て、別け隔てなく一つの大きなファミリーとして「人」を育て「人」とともに育つ会社でありたい、との考えのもと、これからも「食」という視点からその地域に根づいたライフスタイルの提案をしていく企業を目指してまいります。



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To Whom It May Concern:

We would like to announce that T.Y. Express will officially be known as TYSONS&COMPANY.

After the company was established in 1998, we have rebuilt T.Y. Harbor management, and since then we have grown to create 11 stores which includes 5 restaurants. Over the course of 17 years, our business has steadily grown, and March this year, 10 years since T.Y. Harbor’s last complete renovation, turned out to be the perfect timing to send a message towards the future and change the company name.

The initials T.Y. represents my great grandfather Terada Yasutaro, who moved from Saga to Tokyo, my grandfather Terada Yasunosuke, who established the warehouse the restaurant now resides in, and lastly my father Terada Yasunobu, all of whom have the initials T.Y. in their name. I wished to express gratitude to my ancestors by including all the sons of T.Y. past and present, hence TYSONS. Focusing on this industry’s most important element “people,” I wish to create one big family and raise our people by growing with them both as individual people and as a company. This company will aim to create a dining lifestyle fit for each respective area in Tokyo.

My staff and I will work together to continually create something everyone will enjoy. We hope you will continue to help and support us.

April 2015
President, Shimpei Terada

*Address and phone number will not change due to company name change.

Similarly, addresses and phone numbers for each restaurant will not change.
Staff e-mail addresses will change. We appreciate your cooperation in advance.

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