Collaboration and limited test beers brewed
at our pilot brewery.


Inspired by s’mores, the smokiness and sweetness are
matched with a hint of vanilla for a sweet and smoky
brew. *Contains egg whites

ALC 5.3 % | IBU 11 |SRM 28 (EBC 56)

Upcycled baguette from breadworks brewed into beer! Excellent
balance of avor, malt and unique yet addicting aroma.West Coast
IPA is a smooth brew full of grapefruit aroma and hops!

ALC 4.0% | IBU11.5 | SRM 7 (EBC 14)

A CRAFTROCK take on our ever-popular Imperial Stout! Enjoy
the sweet aroma of fruits with a crisp nish. Try a half-and-half
with the other collaboration beer, Bonnie for a unique twist!

ALC 8.0 % | IBU |SRM 50 (EBC 100 )

A collaboration beer with CRAFTROCK BREWING, this tropical
West Coast IPA is a smooth brew full of grapefruit aroma and hops!

ALC 6.1 % | IBU 96 | SRM 5 (EBC 10)


A special beer brewed as part of the Urawa Beer Project. Refreshing
brew with a gorgeous aroma of hops followed by the aroma of
sansho (Japanese pepper) for a smooth palate!

ALC 6.0 % | IBU 58 | SRM 5 (EBC 10 )

Our ever-popular pale ale gets a fall makeover! Enjoy the smooth
sweetness of maple syrup and the bitterness from the hops for
a perfectly balanced ale!

ALC 4.0 % | IBU 25 | SRM 10 (EBC 20)

This IPA is brewed using twice as many hops as usual, giving it
a smooth body and a rich mango aroma which perfectly matches
the bitterness.

ALC 6.5 % | IBU35|SRM 10 (EBC 20)

A collaboration beer with up and coming brewery BEER BRAIN Brewery
is now available in limited quantity!Enjoy the smooth yet spicy aroma
of rye and the juicy citrus flavor!

ALC 5.5 % | IBU50|SRM 15 (EBC 30

Collaboration brew with Oni Densetsu! This
Cold IPA is brewed with rice koji for a rich
aroma and has a pleasantly dry taste along
with a refreshing acidity.

ALC: 6.5% IBU: 36.5 SRM: 4 (EBC 8)

Fourth installment of our original saison series
with a light body brewed with noble hops from
France. A smooth and crisp finish making it a
perfect drink for a hot summer day.

ALC 5.5 % | IBU 18 | SRM 3 (EBC 6)

2nd limited collaboration beer brewed at Isekadoya Brewery!
This COLD IPA is full of strawberry and grapefruit aroma
with a refreshing and smooth yet bitter palate.

ALC 7.0 % | IBU 60 | SRM (EBC)

A one of a kind dry stout with a focus on sorachi ace hops. This super smooth
stout will go together with any food or perfect to drink by itself.

ALC 3.5 % | IBU 18.5| SRM 45 (EBC 90)

Burton is the name of a town in England, famous as the birthplace
of the pale ale. We used hard water, inspired by the water in that city,
to express a traditional beer with a long history.

ALC 5.0 % | IBU 17 | SRM13 (EBC26)

A unique hazy IPA brewed with a spicy ginger ale concept!
A spicy and flavorful glass that will warm you up from the inside!

ALC: 5.0% IBU: 7 SRM: 4 (EBC 8)

A collaboration beer with NOZY COFFEE using premium single
origin beans combined with a milkshake IPA base for one
strong yet elegant coffee ale.

ALC: 6.0% IBU: 27 SRM: 5 (EBC 10)

A one of kind cold IPA brewed with yuzu and a smoky malt
resulting in a smooth yet rich glass that becomes
addicting over time.

ALC: 9.5% IBU: 21 SRM: 4 (EBC 8)


Officially approved as a new style, this New Zealand pale ale
only uses hops from the related areas resulting in a smooth
and tropical palate.

ALC  5 %  |  IBU  15   |  SRM (EBC)  4  (8)

Brewed in 2020, this high alcohol stout has become
even more dry for a smoother and crisp finish. The
aroma and flavors from the dry persimmons and
honey adds an elegant palate.

ALC: 10.0% IBU: 21 SRM: 50 (EBC 100)

A perfect high alcohol cold IPA brewed with
lager yeast. The dryness from the lager yeast
along with the tropical aroma creates a smooth palate

ALC 8.0% | IBU 14.5 | SRM 4 (EBC 8)

Saison style beer brewed by our brew master Abe.
Abundant use of malts, grains and oats with a
hint of fruitiness. This rich tasting yet smooth
glass will have you ordering a second before you
finish your first

ALC 6.5% | IBU 25 | SRM 4 (EBC 8)

Belgian white based ale with added hints of
orange peel and osmanthus aroma. Perfect palate
to go along before or during to match your meal

ALC 5.0% | IBU 12 | SRM 4 (EBC 8)

Fruits ale brewed with Japanese plum juice
from Wakayama prefecture. A perfect smooth
glass with a hint of sourness and fruitiness
for any warm day!

ALC 5.0% | IBU 18.5 | SRM 4 (EBC 8)

Pale ale brewed with Belgian yeasts and sour
European cherries for a refreshing brew with
a hint of cherry aroma.

ALC 4.5% | IBU 25 | SRM 6 (EBC 12)

This session IPA uses 7 different hops which is
brewed with the perfect balance! A very smooth
and drinkable glass while having the right
bitterness and depth

ALC 4.5% | IBU 50 | SRM 4 (EBC 8)

West coast style IPA brewed with loads of
sabro hops. A sweet yet tangy palate which
produces a aroma of stone fruits to
stimulate your senses

ALC 6.8 % | IBU 36 | SRM 6 (EBC 12)

The 2nd installment of the popular 2018
Honey Trap! This high alcohol glass is a
full bodied stout with a dry persimmon
aroma which is brewed for you to slowly enjoy

ALC 10.0 % | IBU 21 | SRM 50 (EBC 100)


Brewed with generous amounts of hops, this
juicy and fruity IPA has one smooth palate.
The perfect high alcohol content yet drinkable
glass to end the year!

ALC 8.0 % | IBU 65.6 | SRM 5 (EBC 10)

The royal road of American style IPA’s.
Bursting with hop aroma, this unique glass
holds back on the typical IPA bitterness
creating a super smooth palate

ALC 7.0 % | IBU 65 | SRM 5 (EBC 10)

Our original pale ale recipe is tweaked with
loads of Belgian yeast! Enjoy a oral aroma
and bitterness created by the unique yeast
while having a very smooth palate.

ALC 4.5 % | IBU 25 | SRM 6 (EBC 12)

A collaboration beer with HEINZ Sriracha Sauce!
Keeping the strong characteristics of the sauce,
you can taste the tartness from the tomato and
umami from the garlic. Enjoy a well balanced
and unique glass that is spicy and hot!!

ALC 4.8% | IBU 15 | SRM 4 (EBC 8)

This farm house style ale uses abundant amounts of
Yosano hops from Kyoto which results in a smooth,
aromatic and fruity palate perfect with any dish

ALC 6.0 % | IBU 30 | SRM (EBC) 5 ( 10 )

A luxurious beer brewed by dry hopping three times!
The bitterness and aroma from the hops creates a
juicy yet dry palate for a smooth glass

ALC 9.1% | IBU 81 | SRM 6 (EBC 12)

Fresh and juicy IPA brewed with loads of aromatic hops.
The balanced dryness brings out the aroma even more.
Perfect glass to enjoy on a hot summer day!

ALC 6.0% | IBU 31.8 | SRM 5 (EBC 10)

Taste the fruitiness and take in the sweet aroma from the bananas and
coconuts. Enjoy the extra twist in the aroma that the cinammon and cardamom
adds in this berliner weisse sour style beer

ALC 4.8% | IBU | SRM 3 (EBC 6)

Brewed with raw ingredients of sugar cane, this ale was
created by a rum loving brewer! Have a glass after your
meal and enjoy the hint of rum in its aroma from the
wood chips of a rum barrel.

ALC 7.5% | IBU 15 | SRM 6 (EBC 12)

Brewed with yeast from Australia, this spiced herb ale has a smooth
palate along with a rich earl grey aroma. Enjoy the smooth after taste
enjoyable for a perfect relaxing afternoon tea time.

ALC 4.5% | IBU 16 | SRM 6 (EBC 12)

Our collaboration IPL with Wyoming brewery, Melvin Brewery!
A juicyIPL style beer with the right amount of bitterness brewed
with Melvin’s dank style hops creating a crisp and vivid aroma.

ALC 4.5% | IBU 22.2 | SRM 5 (EBC 10)

The roasted malts, bitterness from the hops and rich palate produces
a very drinkable and smooth stout. The Oni Densetsu beer style crisp
malts are combined with the T.Y.BREWERY Imperial stout!.

ALC 7.5%|IBU 50|SRM 50 (EBC 100)

A saison style brewed with seasonal apples.Enjoy the ever so perfect
amount of sweetness and spicy aroma created from the sweet apples!

ALC 6% | IBU 38.4 | SRM 13 (EBC 26)

A classic and smooth glass brewed with generous amount of hops
where the aroma and taste changes as time goes by. A timeless
brew perfect for the winter time.

ALC 8.5%|IBU 55.8|SRM 8 (EBC 16)


Beautifully aroma is such a peeling fresh grapefruit,
It is comfortable combination of aromas and bitterness.
A wonderful juicy beer!! Let’s take it!

ALC 6.0% | IBU 39 | SRM (EBC) 6 (12)

This years pumpkin ale brings a deep cinnamon, nutmeg and clove aroma
throughout. Followed with the sweetness from the pumpkins, this beer is
sure to bring the autumn feeling directly to your taste buds!

ALC 5.6% | IBU 21 | SRM (EBC) 10 (20)

Bursting with refreshing aroma of citrus and passionfruit, this full bodied beer similar to an New England IPA provides the right amount of sweetness from the wheats and dry spices.

ALC 6.0% | IBU 18 | SRM (EBC) 4 (8)

A well balanced aroma created from the infused tea and hops
provides a fruity yet bitter palate distinctive to a session pale ale
with the addition to the umami from the tea.

ALC 4.5% | IBU 20 | SRM (EBC) 4 (8)

Milk shake beer? With carrot? You’re kidding!!
nice attack bitterness, super silky texture,
enjoying comfortable sweetness carrot character after palate.

ALC 4.8% | IBU 20 | SRM (EBC) 3 (6)

The bitterness from the hops, sweet and sour taste of framboise,
creates a cool refreshing sourness topped with a rosemary aroma.
The perfect fruit beer to kick off your summer days!

OG: 1.052 / ABV: 5.5% / IBU: 17.8

Floral notes on the nose reminiscent of ripe mangos and tropical fruits.Silky palate yet maintains that voluminous expected in a craft beer.Enjoy the bitterness and deepness of the malts in each glass.

ALC 5.6% | IBU 47 | SRM (EBC) 6 (12)

OG: 1.058 / ABV: 5.6% / IBU: 47

Corroboration with “IKKI=BREWING”! Saison style beer using Sake yeast and Chinese spice. Refreshing sour, spice note, combine aromatic hops. Limited quantity. First come, first serve!

OG: 1.059 / ABV: 6.2% / IBU: 10

Simple recipe, but the sake yeast creates unique character by adding
“Gin-jo” aroma and smooth texture to the richness from Munich malt.

OG: 1.060 / ABV: 5.6% / IBU: 16.4

Collaboration with ONI-DENSETSU (Hokkaido).Tropical aromas first, after feel the fresh citrus. Fragrancy brut IPA. Best beer stuffed with ONI and Our specialty.

OG: 1.050 / ABV: 5.6% / IBU: 35

A brown ale added to UMAMI as secret ingredient. Two different UMAMI factor and salt are very eeffective for malty and deep flavor.
Enjoy for the matching with our food !

OG: 1.060 / ABV: 5.3% / IBU: 14

An Imperial Stout dipping cacao nibs and wood chips by bourbon whiskey barrel. Rich and deep flavor as bitter chocolate.

OG: 1.092 / ABV: 8.5% / IBU: 50

A Session IPA was made for this winter! Wonderfuly refreshing aloma like muscut, typical bitterness of IPA,
rich malty palete. Perfect matching for clear sky of the winter.

OG: 1.050 / ABV: 5.0% / IBU: 20

A craft cider made with “Shinano sweet” apple from Nagano.
Well-balanced slight sweetness and refreshing acidity.
Clear cider good for chilly winter!

OG: 1.054 / ABV: 6.1% / IBU: 23

A sour ale infused with dry apricot and semi-dried Fig, made well-balanced mild acidity and rich aroma of fruit.Try to find your favorite flavor; depend on the temperature!!

OG: 1.048 / ABV: 7.0% / IBU: 16


A brut IPA, is attracting by all beer lovers, using freshly harvested domestic hop from “Yosano” of Kyoto. Enjoy the fresh hoppy aroma like muscat grapes and
refreshing nish.

OG: 1.048 / ABV: 6.0% / IBU: 30

A vegetable beer making of “Kuririn-kabocha”.Spicy avor and well-balanced creating by nutmeg and cinnamon.Do you like “Pumpkin pie”?

OG: 1.060 / ABV: 5.5% / IBU: 16

A new style IPA using Saison Yeast – “Brut IPA”! Enjoy its fruity & spicy flavor with the spectacular aroma of sudachi from Kamiyama-cho, Tokushima !

OG: 1.042 / ABV: 5.6% / IBU: 17.5

It is a unique beer using Saury! From the first sips,you will feel the citrus scent of Sudachi,and then the savor of saury will enhance your enjoyment.

OG: 1.052 / ABV: 5.0% / IBU: 20

Lager version of IPA. By using several kinds of hops,we nished it as a refreshing beer with a savory scent!

OG: 1.059 / ABV: 5.8% / IBU: 38

A light, and refreshing session wheat ale that utilizes a new breed of hop, called “Azacca”. It is characterized by it’s aroma, with notes of mango, pineapple, and citrus, as well as it’s low alcohol content.

OG: 1.046 / ABV: 3.8% / IBU: 25

With melon juice and lactose added to New England IPA, the gorgeous aroma of hops and melons spreading in the mouth graced by the mellow sweetness of lactose are impressive.

OG: 1.072 / ABV: 7.0% / IBU: 25

A collaboration beer with Minimal -Bean to Bar Chocolate- !This refreshing sour ale is made with fermented cacao pulp and cacao nibs.As the liquid temperature gradually goes up, you will taste a nutty flavor that makes it even more delicious to drink!

OG: 1.046 / ABV: 5.0% / IBU: 15

A beer with plenty of fresh lime juice based on a light lager! The fresh lime scent and taste is perfect for a hot summer season!

OG: 1.048 / ABV: 4.5% / IBU: 22

A collaboration beer made for the Nakayoshi Beer project, including participants from beer bars in Tokyo, Hiroshima and Osaka. This beer is an extra special bitter beer with rye and aromatic walnut wood chips, with a spicy and dry flavor!

OG: 1.064 / ABV: 5.8% / IBU: 40

A collaboration beer with Shonan Brewery! Coffee beans are added to the New England IPA creating a rich and smooth flavor

OG: 1.069 / ABV: 7.0% / IBU: 20

This beer is characteristic of its sweet aroma and flavor of the kiwi and the refreshing sour notes that stems from the base sour malt.

OG: 1.041 / ABV: 3.5% / IBU: 20

A New England style IPA with a tropical fruity aroma and juicy texture. The bitterness is slightly held back compared to the usual IPA, perfect during the warm weather!

OG: 1.068 / ABV: 6.0% / IBU: 40

A triple collaboration beer with AQ Bevolution, Blue Magic and T.Y.HARBOR BREWERY! Marshmallows were added to milk stout to make a dessert s’more-like beer with a sweet aroma avor!

OG: 1.068 / ABV: 6.0% / IBU: 30

A collaboration beer with Sound Brewery! Both breweries take pride in their imperial stouts, which is why they chose this to be their base, to which they added lactose and with Mark’s suggestion, yuzu!

OG: 1.095 / ABV: 10.0% / IBU: 33

A collaboration beer made with Mondo Brewery! Enjoy the avor of the malt and oral aroma of the English hop, Kent Golding.

OG: 1.044 / ABV: 4.3% / IBU: 36


The flavors from the malt and refreshing aroma from the hop are the perfect balance.

OG: 1.044 / ABV: 3.8% / IBU: 40