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The Cookie Jar

A variety of cookies placed in a big, round storage jar. The delicious cookies visible through the clear glass ...

Lily cakes, TYSONS


Hoji-cha Blanc-manger: Tepe

A special egg-free hoji-cha blanc-manger. The caramel sauce used here is made from T.Y. HARBOR’s amber a ...

Lily cakes, T.Y.HARBOR Brewery, TYSONS

Turkey Fryer

Come get your Roast Turkey Package on November 26!

On Thursday, November 26 ONLY we will be selling our Roast Turkey Package, made by Tysons & Company’ ...

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Lily cakes : Reservations for Christmas Cakes

Online reservations now open through our homepage only! 【Lily cakes Special Christmas cake】 ■Buche de Noel Who ...

Lily cakes, TYSONS

Gift box

Lily gift box

We have different kinds of baked goods perfect for gifts. A selection of different sized gift boxes also avail ...

Lily cakes, TYSONS


Mango Passionfruit Mousse: Liliko’i

This cake is a 2015 summer special! The mango passionfruit mousse layered with passionfruit caramel and bitter ...

Lily cakes, TYSONS


A fine choux à la crème: Lily

Ricotta cream made with plenty of brandy. It has an enticing aroma that gives the choux à la crème its fine fe ...

Lily cakes, TYSONS

Nico chan

Raisin Sandwich: Nico-chan

Raisin butter cream mixed with rum is sandwiched between 2 moist, buttery cookies. Nico-chan, Japanese for  ...

Lily cakes, TYSONS

Courir Roll

Summer Roll Cake: Courir

Our roll cake called Courir is filled with fresh, juicy oranges. The soft, moist cake is rolled into its stand ...

Lily cakes, TYSONS


Strawberry Shortcake: Triangle

The ever-so-royal strawberry shortcake is stacked 4 layers high with a slightly non-typical triangle shape. Th ...

Lily cakes, TYSONS


Rich Milk Pudding

This milk pudding contains honey and has a rich, creamy texture. Caramel sauce is spread across the bottom and ...

Lily cakes, TYSONS


Pistachio Mousse: Moari

The Moari includes plenty of Italy’s top-class pistachios, topped with red griotte cherries. The aroma f ...

Lily cakes, TYSONS

Variety of cake

A Cake Display Showing 15 kinds of cakes

Lily cakes sells about 15 different kinds of cakes. Besides that, there are about 20 other kinds of items incl ...

Lily cakes, TYSONS


Lily cakes’ symbolic item: Delice

The Delice is a delicious nut tart consisting of smooth and rich framboise caramel you can’t possibly im ...

Lily cakes, TYSONS

Lily cakes Terrace

Terrace seating at Lily cakes

Like all of the other restaurants by Tysons & Company, Lily cakes also has seats in the terrace. It is not ...

Lily cakes, TYSONS