Pomegranate, Kale, Feta Cheese and Smoked Nuts Salad

Cooking Time:
Approx. 15mins
Ingredients (Serves 2):

Kale 40g
Lettuce Mix 40g
Pomegranate 20g (1/4 Whole)
Original Smoked Nuts 20g
Feta Cheese 30g
French Dressing 30g

  1. Wash kale and lettuce thoroughly, dry off and cut into 4cm width pieces.
  2. Dice cut feta cheese into 1cm pieces.
  3. Scoop out and separate the red seeds
  4. Plate in order from kale, lettuce, feta cheese, pomegranate and nuts. Top off with French dressing.

When picking out your kale, we recommend thin and curled leaves.