No.4's "hand-craft"
evolving from morning to night.

Bread & Pastries

The ingredients used, including whole wheat flour, coffee flour and flour from selected origins are carefully chosen. Our bakers use home-made natural yeast, along with sugar canes, grapeseed oil, and buttermilk to create delicious and healthy breads and pastries.

Coffee-Flour Pizza

The pizza dough is made especially from coffee flour. The firewood oven in our cozy store bakes our pizzas deliciously all the way down to the crust. We have also created pizza combinations vegans and vegetarians can enjoy.


In the morning there is granola and salads to go with your freshly baked breads; the lunch menu includes pizza, sandwiches and vegan falafel; and for dinner we offer a variety of appetizers, meat and fish dishes, and desserts to match your craft beer and natural wine selections.

Craft Beer

Our craft beer is made fresh from our own brewery, T.Y. HARBOR BREWERY, in Tennoz. Feel free to enjoy the beer we deliver "alive."


High quality single origin coffee beans are roasted at our coffee shop THE ROASTERY and delivered straight out of the roaster. This specialty coffee and lattes are all Made In Tokyo.

Natural Wine

We have a nice selection of natural wines to match the tender flavors of our dishes.