An afternoon where you enjoy the daylight and a soft breeze
A night scene where conversations bustle alongside good food and drinks
A combination of hospitality and hand-made soba noodles
A restaurant scene with a new style of Japanese cuisine

The atmosphere at Ryan is not only created by an open kitchen, overlooked by Japanese-style counter seating, but also a lively bar and calm outdoor patio. In the afternoon, natural light beams through the windows, and at night this same space transforms into a simple yet sophisticated environment. We are a soba restaurant that provide high-quality dishes and a wide selection of Japanese Sake and Wine, all of which can be enjoyed while watching a soba master shape his creations.

1-4-13, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002


For any questions regarding public relations,
please call 080-2567-9155, or e-mail to

One of the most important aspects in a dining experience is “the people.”
We strive to teach each individual as
a member of our big family and grow together as one.