【T.Y.HARBOR】Father’s Day Gift Option!

Seat Reservation with “Father’s Day” Gift Option
Limited to 4 days only! 6/12, 6/13, 6/19, 6/20

As the current situation continues of no alcohol sales inside the restaurants,
we decided to create a small gift option for Father’s Day! Give a gift of
T.Y.HARBOR Brewery to your father this year!

◆T.Y.HARBOR Brewery “Tenugui” Hand Towel
Beer Tank Design
Made in Japan
330mm × 900mm

◆T.Y.HARBOR Brewery Craft Beer x 2
Pale Ale

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IMGP2185*Not available to minors under the age of 20
*Gift option is ¥2500
*Please contact us directly for multiple gifts
*Available to all guests

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