【Kacto】Noryo-yuka Terrace Seats

Noryo-yuka terrace seats will be open from May 1, 2023!

Enjoy the special summer-only seatings overlooking the Kamo River!
Reservations can be made online one day prior to the date of your visit
Please read the following notes:

*Reservations are accepted from 8:00AM the day before the reservation date.
*Reservations can only be made online.
*Please call us directly if you wish to bring preschool children.
*Seats may also available on the same day.
Please inform the reception staff when you come to the restaurant.
*Seats are not available in case of rain or strong winds.
(Please be aware that in case of rain or strong winds during your meal, you will not be guaranteed a seat transfer inside.)
*Double reservations for both Noryo-yuka and inside seatings.

Maximum Seat Times
Brunch: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Dinner: 2 hours

Seat Charges
Brunch: 500 yen/per
Cafe: 500 yen/per
Dinner: 1,000 yen per

Reservations are accepted from 8AM the day before the reservation date.

>>> Click Here for Reservations <<<

*Noryo-yuka terrace seat reservations will begin on April 30th, 8AM

We look forward to serving you!

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